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Diary Day Eight

Day Malham to Horton in Ribblesdale
Date Friday 2nd June 2006
Distance 16.70 miles
Total Distance 97.70 miles
Ascent 2859 feet
Total Ascent 18,743 feet
Moving Average 2.30 miles per hour

Clear skies and sunny all day with light winds on the tops

Our Guardian Angel

We enjoyed our rest day in Malham yesterday. There was a Jurassic Safari in the village for the children although there were plenty of adults who seem to be enjoying it to. There were models of Jurassic animals etc around the village and the children had to collect dinosaur eggs. There was also a model of Fred & Wilma Flintstones car in a garden. Did Simon arrange that?

We spent the day well not doing very much really, we did without lunch, well with coffee in the morning and afternoon tea we thought it best.


What a wonderful day today with stunning views, starting at 7.45am after a light breakfast we were soon at Malham Cove and climbing up to the limestone pavement. This and Watlowes Valley is a sight to behold and one of Mo’s favourite places so far. We therefore idled through the valley enjoying every moment before climbing Comb Hill and onward to Malham Tarn. The Oyster Catchers were amazing to watch but we had to press on to Fountains Fell. This was a very long slow climb but eventually after a few false summits arrived at the top. There was an unusual feathery cloud in the sky above us, which we decided was our guardian angel watching over us and pointing the way ahead. Pen-y-Ghent could be seen in all its splendour but we had the descent of Fountains Fell first. After 11 miles we now had the ascent of Pen-y-Ghent, which was a steep climb hands on for the middle & final section before the summit path. We rested awhile at the summit and chatted to other walkers before descending down a long stony path, which played havoc with our feet. Tired and weary we eventually arrived at the Pen-y-Ghent Café where we decided to have an early evening meal. We both signed the Pennine Way logbook and treated ourselves to Pennine Way Club badges. Refreshed we walked the final 1.50 miles to Middle Studfold that felt like another 10 miles being in the wrong direction from tomorrows walk over Dodds Fell and arrived at our overnight accommodation at 5-30pm.

Having showered we have decided to stay in this evening and crash out.


Ta-ra for now Mo & Dave.

Pen-y-Ghent Summit
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