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Diary Day Eleven

Day Hawes to Tan Hill
Date Monday 5th June 2006
Distance 17.50 miles
Total Distance 130.90 miles
Ascent 3254 feet
Total Ascent 23,579 feet
Moving Average 2.50 miles per hour

Cloudy but warm

During our lazy day in Hawes we decided to rescue Colin. Although happy with his mother sat on the bed, as with all youngsters he was getting bored. After negotiation with Ann & Jeff our hosts and the exchange of a small sum he was installed on the back of Dave’s rucksack to join us on our adventure.

Dave managed to stitch and reproof Mo’s boots and so we packed ready for our long trek to Tan Hill.

What a lovely surprise when Sally phoned us from the Lakes and said that her and Kevin together with Sadie the dog would join us for breakfast and the first half of tomorrows adventure. Colin agreed that it would add to the fun and hoped that Dave would keep in front so that he could keep his eye on them.

The six of us departed at 8am and were on our way. Dave was not in front all the time but Colin didn’t mind as the views were glorious. We saw an owl at Hardraw and pondered awhile then upwards to Hearne Top and Great Shunner Fell where Gary took our photo. The day seemed to be going very quickly as we chatted to Kevin & Sally as we walked and were soon in Thwaite for a break at the café before our friends left us for their return walk to Hawes. We pressed on to Keld and finally arrived at Tan Hill at 5.45pm .

Mo’s Auntie Gladys is meeting us this evening so had better finish now and get showered.

PS – Colin is concerned that if the weather turns he has no wet weather gear and would have to go in the rucsac. Afraid of the dark he was wondering if any kind person out there would have any waterproofs that would fit him. If so email for onward B&B address.

Colin & his Mum

Colin joins the Team

Ta-ra for now Mo, Dave & Colin.

Great Shunner fell with Kevin and Sally

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