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Diary Day Sixteen

Day Dufton to Garrigill
Date Saturday 10th June 2006

16.30 miles

Total Distance 187 miles
Ascent 6042 feet
Total Ascent 33,722 feet
Moving Average 2.30 miles per hour

Sunny with strong winds

We were made to feel at home at Ghyll View and enjoyed our rest day in Dufton, wandering around this pretty village and well sitting outside the Post Office drinking coffee.

We left Dufton at 7.45am this morning to an exhausting day climbing what seemed forever in strong winds that wanted us to go a different way. We contoured around Cosca Hill and over Great Rundale Beck for our first assault Knock Old Man that we renamed. There was no water in Swindale Beck as we crossed the bridge and onward from cairn to cairn until we reached the top.

Over Knock Fell and Dunfell Hush with a steep climb up Great Dunn Fell to the Radar Station. We stopped for an early lunch sheltered in the valley between Great Dunn Fell and Little Dunn Fell and then climbed on up Little Dunn Fell and finally to the top of Cross Fell where we sheltered behind the cross walls at the summit. The descent to The Corpse Road was boggy and spongy in places but this was heaven to the pounding of our feet we were now to endure. The Corpse Road is a very old Pennine Crossing linking Garrigill with Kirkland reputed to have been used to transport bodies for burial. We were by this time just able to carry our own bodies never mind anyone elses. The stony road, worse were it had been re-stoned was very difficult to walk on mile after mile. Gregs Hut was a welcome relief and we rested while we filled in the logbook. Thanks to Penny and Ben for their message of encouragement we continued on to more pounding of the feet on this stony descent that sometimes went in an upwards direction. Eventually we arrived at Garrigill 9 hours after the morning start.

Ta-ra for now Mo, Dave & Colin.

Dave on the Corpse Road

Mo at Great Dunn Fell

Colin sees Garrigill

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