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Diary Day Three

Day                                       Marsden to Mankinholes
Date                                      Sunday 28th May 2006.
Distance                               14.50 miles
Total distance                       42.60 miles
Ascent                                   3120 feet
Total ascent                         10,061 feet
Moving average                   2.40 miles per hour


Weather :It managed to remain dry except for an occasional shower but the wind very strong on the top and cool with good visibility most of the day.


After a good breakfast we started on our way at 8.30am.
Dave’s feet did not stand up to the challenge today but painkillers kept the worst at bay. Mo put her best bog leg forward and kept us going. It was also a continuous struggle against the wind eventually arriving at the Windy Hill Transmitter that was true to its name. There was no snack van today so we continued on over the M62 Bridge. At first the bridge appeared to be swaying but it was us swaying in the wind with the traffic thundering passed underneath oblivious to our adventure.
Onward against the wind we plodded up to Blackstone Edge with the views from the top ample reward for our efforts. Picking our way through the boulder outcrops we descended down to the Roman Road with its carved gully stones down the centre. Descending to the White House pub we were now passed lunch having had a snack on the tops and continued on around the reservoirs to Withens Gate. From here we descended down a steep but well made path to Mankinholes arriving at our overnight accommodation at 4-30pm.
After resting the feet we are off to the Pub for a medicinal pint or two.
Ta-ra for now Mo & Dave.


Todays Pictures from the top are:

Mo and Dave at Blackstone Edge

Mo at Mankinholes

A view from Blackstone Edge


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