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Diary Day 

Twenty Two

Day Bellingham to Byrness
Date Friday 16th June 2006.
Distance 15.60 miles
Total Distance 249.20 miles
Ascent 1,468 feet
Total Ascent 40,267 feet
Moving Average 2.70 miles per hour

Cloudy with a cool breeze warm later then light rain.

It was an effort to get out of the whirlpool bath last night but needs must and it was off to The Cheviot pub for a welcome meal. The Lyndale Guest House was a treat with Joy having trained Ken to perfection with breakfast a military operation with no detail missed.

We bid our farewells and were off a little late at 9.15am. It was more road walking and a long climb out of Bellingham then down the track to Blakelaw Farm, suddenly we had a signal on the phone and a text from the two Mikes informing us with a whoopee that they had finished yesterday.

Across the moor towards Hareshaw House and to Moís considerable amusement Daveís leg disappeared in a bog. Onto Great Moor and it was a long trudge through the heather and after many false summits arrive at Whitley Pike and view Kielder Forest for the first time. We had heard bad reports of bogs around Padon Hill and although slightly longer decided on the route through Gibshiel. Eventually arriving at Kielder, Colin was really excited as he had never seen so many trees mile after mile the route now was monotonous forest roads which seemed to go on forever. The riverside path from Blakehopeburnhaugh up the banks of the River Rede was welcome relief. It had been threatening rain for a few hours and now it arrived but we were already soaked with perspiration and didnít bother with the waterproofs, carrying on to arrive at Byrness Hotel by 4.15pm.

We are now refreshed after a shower and await our evening meal before an early night and the long day tomorrow starting with the steep ascent up Byrness Hill. Over 40,000 feet so far now thatís an achievement, Colin is getting giddy.

Thanks for all the messages of encouragement it really spurs us on.


Ta-ra for now Mo, Dave & Colin.

Mo on the moor

Forest Road

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Welcome to Kielder

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